3D Scan of Castle

This time we visited Caudilla in Toledo, Spain. There is an interesting castle from the 15th century (1449-1450).

This build, also known as Rivadeneyra’s Castle it was ordered by Hernando Rivadeneira, Marshal from Castilla. The castle was designed as a palace, not as a military fortress, and it represents the last period from feudal age.

We used our Phantom 3 Professional to begin with an aerial point of view. This kind of video is part of the Products and Services we offer.

Then, with this material we were able to create a 3D scan with photogrammetry. Using an UAV for this kind of projects let us work within complex areas, places that are difficult to access.

Caudilla’s Castle.
by 3dapps
on Sketchfab

Once the 3D model is ready, we can use it for virtual purposes like VR, or we can create a real object using 3D printing technology.